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Company Values


We believe passion is the drive to everything and be successful at almost everything.


Having strong principles and values will results in great performance and great spirit with great ethics.


Constantly improving oneself will inspires people around to become better- and millions others.


Innovation is the key to future and sustainable growth through infinite possibility.


Enhancing customer experience with your products digitally starting from the trio of Products, Service, Transaction seemlessly.


Growing and expanding your business and customers from time to time to achieve long term goal, vision and mission while leveraging database.


Getting to your targeted audience aligned with product and services to solve the pain points and improving the quality of life.


Our services can be tailored to meet your business requirements by achieving optimal results and progressing to the next level.

Travel & Leisure

Showing the world the importance of leisure and relaxation through high quality hospitality online and manages reservations and requests with ease. 

Consumer Goods & Service

Long term loyalty and repeated customers are built over time. Digital presence will boost the reliability of companies and brands in the long run.

Retails & E-commerce

Online shopping is no longer strangers to anyone and it has become a necessity. Millions of brands and business has turn to online while incorporating retails to create omni-channel experience.

Manufacturing & Industries

B2B relations no longer relies on conventional channel. With online exposure, manufacturers and industries will be able to cross the boundaries out of countries and make names globally.

Food & Beverages

F&B sector has becoming more competitive as businesses are able to make use of online channel to deliver food, make reservations possible, getting great rating and share to good food worldwide.

Fashion & Lifestyle

Fashion and lifestyle is inseparable as social media booming, people are more appearance conscious and it has since became part of our daily life. 

Our Team

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Andy Newman


Alicia Keys

Marketing Director

Mike Divor


Patricia Ralph


Nick Zele


Amanda Grey

PR Management

Greg Silmer


Rossa Pelmar


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